Two Billion Dollar Federal Lawsuit Filed This Week by

By Steven Hoffenberg/CEO/Publisher:

Two Billion Dollar Federal Lawsuit Filed This Week by

A Federal Tort Claims Act $2 billion filing will take place this week naming the Tort Acts by Federal staff for damaging

The feds will be hit this week on the matter of the federal staff’s non-stop Tort wrongful acts which are hurting for $2 billion in Tort damages.

The federal staff feels that it is above the law.

The $2 billion Federal Tort Claims Act filing this week by will have the arrogant federal staff immediately put under investigation.

The federal staff violates Tort Law daily that is shown on

The federal staff’s big day is coming this week when fights back by filing the $2 billion major first Tort Action lawsuit.

Now the federal staff will face further Tort Actions to be filed by for the federal staff’s daily wrongful misconduct.

The Federal Staff is now filed against in Tort Action for $2 billion by, which has the legal right to hit them for misconduct.

Donald Trump is right. The USA is broken with wrong leadership by wrong politicians that must be voted out now.

The USA staff’s Tort misconduct filings start now for billions of dollars by

Folks, stand up and speak out now in our newspaper, consistently informs all about the broken USA which demands change in the President Campaign 2016.

Thank you friends.