Lawsuit Against Ponzi King Pervert Jeffrey Epstein Is Proceeding Non-Stop

jeffrey_epsteinHe’s been labeled a “financier, liberal philanthropist and convicted sex criminal” who had sex with girls as young as 12 years-old. Now the thousands of victims of the Towers Investors scam have two new titles for Jeffrey Epstein, “Ponzi Scheme Pimp” and the “new Bernie Madoff!”

Epstein’s sordid slick business dealings and personal perverted mayhem has caught up with him. Attorneys of Steven Hoffenberg have prepared a lawsuit for Hoffenberg vs. Epstein, on behalf of Towers The lawsuit is expected to be filed soon.

Sources claim that the Towers Investors damage done by Epstein was over $100 million and there are documents that prove these actions caused two insurance companies to go out of business.

The lawsuit will demonstrate every alleged Jeffrey Epstein Hedge Fund bank and lender and how evidence was said to be concealed from all of his loan applications for more than $100 billion that are still outstanding. Says a source: “Jeffrey Epstein is the new Bernie Madoff. He is the number one Ponzi scheme scoundrel in the history of the United States of America. The Ponzi Scheme that Jeffrey Epstein operated is two times the size of the con job that Bernie Madoff pulled off.”

Experts say that the lawsuit will almost definitely force Epstein into bankruptcy.

“This bankruptcy will exceed twice the amount of the Bernie Madoff bankruptcy.”

Epstein’s actions have forced the Towers Investment victims to be placed in the category under the Crime Victims Act.

Meanwhile, the Towers Investors victims are closing in on this thief with no honor. It is time for the perpetrator ponzi scheme pimp to pay up right now!