Did Convicted Sex Pervert Jeffrey Epstein Build His Multi-Billion-Dollar Hedge Fund By Raping The Towers Investors Victims of Their Restitution?

By Flo Anthony

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Over the past several months, headlines on the covers of the New York Daily News, National Enquirer, Newsweek, London Times, Daily Mirror, the Internet, the Daily Beast and other media outlets, have screamed out convicted sex pervert Jeffrey Epstein’s name. After several years of flying under the radar, the high-flying billionaire, who cavorts with high-profile media types like Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, Chelsea Handler, Woody Allen, former President Bill Clinton, and other A-list heavyweights, is back in the news due to one of his victims coming forward to say that he pimped her out to HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, many times in the past when she was under-aged..

However, this may be the least of Epstein’s problems. A story broke last week revealing that the New York Attorney’s Office has sent letters to the Charitable Foundation of pedophile Epstein seeking information on whether it is complying with registration requirements.

According to Reuters, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Charities Bureau asked Epstein’s foundation, which is incorporated in the US Virgin Islands, should be considered exempt from New York law. A charity based outside New York is required to register with the New York Charities Bureau if it does business in New York or holds property in that state. It must also file annual financial reports with the bureau. Other US states have similar requirements.

Little does the US Attorney’s office know it, but this little inquiry into Epstein’s most likely illegal activities with his charity may open up Pandora’s Box to reveal that his multi-billion dollar hedge fund is rumored to have been started with the $495 million that his old mentor, Steven Hoffenberg, spent 18 years in the federal penitentiary for stealing from Towers Investors. In fact, there are rumors that the restitution for the 200,000 victims of Towers Investors is sitting in that fund today.

According to Cannonfire: “There’s one thing you have to understand about Epstein. He didn’t start to make it big — as in big big — until he left Bear Stearns and joined forces with Steven Hoffenberg. It’s hard to avoid the suspicion that Epstein followed in the footsteps of his mentor, doing the same thing, but bigger and better.”

These days, Epstein’s spin doctors work very hard to erase his work history at Towers Investors, as if he was never there. This most likely is due to the fact that if any of the people he is doing business with including banks, other financial institutions, alleged billion dollar clients, ever imagined that the hedge fund was originally financed with the ill-begotten funds from the victims of Towers Investors, no one would ever lend Epstein another dime.

His days of secrecy,stealing, cheating people and hiding may soon be over. Former Congressman Thomas Evans Jr., who was a member of Towers Investors Board of Directors, prior to Hoffenberg’s Ponzi Scheme taking place tells Postpublishing.buzz that he saw Jeffrey Epstein at Towers many times in the early ‘1990s.

“Absolutely, I saw him working there. I was on the board at Towers,” says Evans. “I don’t understand why he does not acknowledge that he worked at Towers. I was there almost every week at least for a day. I did see him on many occasions.”

Sources also claim that Epstein filed false loan applications with banks, therefore defrauding investors.

Says a source: “Hoffenberg went to prison for the restitution fortune that is in Epstein’s hedge fund.”

The source added that Hoffenberg has plans to go to court and the US Attorney’s office to regain Epstein’s hedge fund to pay the restitution to the victims of Towers Investors. A book and movie are in the works on Hoffenberg’s Business Life with Epstein called ‘The Ponzi King.” Sources say that Epstein’s cleaning out of Towers Investors coffers make Bernie Madoff’s theft look like Mickey Mouse.