Towers Charity Low Income and Public Housing Centers

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Wall StreetFinancing
Towers Investors . Com
Wall StreetFunding For Municipal/ Public Works
Wall StreetFunding For Real Estate Projects
Wall StreetFunding For Non-Profit Church Charities
Non-Profit Church Charity
Affordable Housing Centers For:
●Senior Living
●Assisted Senior Living
●Veteran Supportive Housing
● Mixed-Income/Mixed Use Housing
T owers Investors . Com provides towns with Wall Street funding
for various Municipal / Public Works and Real Estate Projects of all
Towers Investors . Com provides towns with Wall Street funding for
essential community projects such as building and/or r ebuilding
crumbling roads and bridges, outdated water systems, dilapidated
public buildings, school buildings, prisons, student dormitories,
entertainment or sports facilities.
Private investment can help leverage limited but essential public
dollars into successful projects that are completed ahead of
schedule, at lower cost and with greater accountability. In addition,
creating economic diversification makes the country more
competitive in facilitating its infrastructure base and boosting
associated construction, equipment, support services and other
Towers Investors . Com believes public-private partnerships can help
Towns in America like in Pennsylvania whereby, 558 deficient rural
bridges are being replaced at least 10 years early through a $1 billion
Public-Private Project. In Merced County, Calif., the University of
California School System is doubling the size of its campus — which
mostly serves rural students — with a $1 billion Public-Private
Project. And in Fargo, N.D., a Public-Private Partnership is working
with the Army Corps of Engineers on a $2 billion project to alleviate

Non-Profit Church Charity
Towers Investors . Com provides Wall Street Funding for The Non-Profit Church
Charity to create a plan designed to value and remove toxic assets from the
balance sheet of troubled financial institutions and/or unused or undeveloped
Town or Private owned Properties in America. Essentially, the Towers Investors .
Com Program’s goal is to create partnerships with private investors to buy or
assume toxic assets. The program is designed for the betterment of Communities
by developing and making available quality affordable housing opportunities for
individuals and families while promoting self-sufficiency and neighborhood
revitalization. All of our work is done in collaboration with diverse partners.
Depending on the issue and how the community chooses to address it, The
Non-Profit Church Charity works with schools, government agencies,
businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, community development
corporations, voluntary and neighborhood associations, the Faith Community,
and others.
The Non-Profit Church Charity accomplishes the foregoing by Professionally
revitalizing and/or repurposing existing buildings i.e.: closed or abandoned
nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, schools, municipal buildings,
unfinished building projects, etc.. Also, New Building Development on vacant
land for the following purposes as needed by each community; Affordable
Independent SeniorLiving, Affordable Assisted SeniorLiving, Affordable
Mixed-Income/Mixed-Use Housing, Affordable Veteran Supportive Housing.
The Non-Profit Church Charity utilizes a Property Management Service to oversee
the day to day maintenance and supervise the resident support systems for each
Affordable Independent Senior Living
Independent Senior Living provides active seniors the benefits of living at home
without the worry of home maintenance, housekeeping chores and cooking.
Residents enjoy educational, cultural, spiritual, social and fitness opportunities
through the community’s programming.
Affordable Assisted Senior or Disabled Living
Assisted living is for older adults who value their independence, but need some
assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, transportation and
medication reminders. Seniors may live in their own suites or with a companion
and are relieved of household chores such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning.
In addition, the Non-Profit Church Charity creates an Individualized Service Plan
to personalize each resident’s assisted living care needs.
* Alzheimer Assisted Living
Most Affordable Assisted Senior Living residences offer and provide
Memory-Care that is a specialized, safe and secure care environment for those
living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other cognitive conditions.

Affordable Mixed-Income/Mixed-Use Housing
Mixed-Income/Mixed-Use housing programs will provide affordable and
market-rate housing, and space for local community organizations that serve
disadvantaged populations. Mixed-Income Housing provides one and two
bedroom apartments, along with commercial and retail space offer a focus on
building healthy neighborhoods and broadening access to economic opportunity
with particular interest in:
● Mixed-income and workforce housing
● Fresh food and other essential retail tenants
● Small-medium size enterprise office space
● Community and health-care facilities
The Non-Profit Church Charity Mixed-Income/Mixed-Use Housing achieved with
Wall Street funding by Towers Investors . Com, revitalizes neighborhoods and
communities by triggering further investment and helping to attract businesses
and residents back into an area.
Affordable Veterans’ Housing
Towers Investors . Com recognizes the sacrifices our Veterans have made for this
country and provides Wall Street funding for The Non-Profit Church Charity to
provide a holistic approach that addresses the “total veteran” and his or her
needs. Affordable Veterans’ Housing comes with a full range of support services
including meals, an employment and training program, legal and medical advice,
and special services related to PTSD, substance abuse, and other challenges
faced by veterans. Intensive case management and counseling are provided to
help veterans regain control of their lives.
Housing for veterans is one of our areas of expertise, and we won’t stop until
we’ve helped provide housing for as many vets as possible

The Non-Profit Church Charity Values:
Housing is a basic right and a foundation for success in life. The Community
benefits, as a whole, when we have a safe place to call home.
Housing is the basic foundation which enables us to support the lives of
residents with excellent programs for their individual growth and welfare.
We build and manage housing that is safe and well maintained.
We collaborate to create and maintain nurturing communities.
Our programs and services must be efficient, sustainable and economically
Our work culture responds to the individual’s needs and the benefit of the whole.
We listen to everyone associated with our efforts.
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