Our Entire Focus is Your Restitution

Our entire focus is your restitution.

Towers Investors are working for you full time right now.   We are moving aggressively to collect your billions of dollars, from our multi-billionaire partner Jeffrey Epstein.

Our entire focus is your restitution.

Steven Hoffenberg was released and is assisting us 24/7.    After spending 18 years in Federal Prison his only mandate his only mandate is to pay the 200,000 victims full restitution including interest.

The Towers Investors purpose demands our collection and repayment of your restitution that will be done sooner than later.  In addition to collecting assets owed to Towers Financial Corporation, Towers Investors are generating income in new transactions that are used to pay your full restitution including interest.  The major undertaking is headed up by Daniel J. Stratton, the President of Towers Investors with our Executive Vice President and General Counsel Alan Fraade, whereby Mr. Hoffenberg was requested to become the Chairman of the Board of Towers Investors.

As we are here working for you, our Towers Investors, we invite you to communicate with us, through the comment section on the website or by direct phone to Mr. Steven Hoffenberg at 212-949-1935.

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