By Flo Anthony:

As stories emerge daily exposing the underbelly sexually perverted world of Jeffrey Epstein, sources say the Federal Government is inching closer to arresting him for several crimes. Over the past two months, his victims have finally come forward to detail the pain and suffering which they underwent at the hands of Epstein and his high profile associates. There are also rumors that there may be blood on Epstein’s hands due to the unreported murder of a young woman many years ago.

Reportedly nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” for many years Epstein flew underage women around the world on his private Boeing 727. The documented flight logs throughout several decades prove that former President Bill Clinton was a passenger on the plane at the same time as women believed to have been forced to be part of Epstein’s underage sex slave operation.

In January, Virginia Roberts, who claims to be a victim, stated that she started working as a sex slave for Epstein at the tender age of 15. She also states that she was forced to have sex with both HRH Prince Andrew, whose nickname has always been “Randy Andy” and renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Both Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and Dershowitz, adamantly deny Roberts’ accusations. However, neither man has filed any legal action against her.

Almost impossible to get an audience with, unless he wants to see you, Epstein lives his life as if it is a game of chess. One of his many residences around the world is on East 71st Street. It is the largest private residence in Manhattan. For those that he does invite in, he often challenges them to a game of chess, referring to the pieces as “black and white.”

A recent article in the Daily Beast by M.L. Nestel, refers to Epstein as “the dirty billionaire.” In the article, Nestel, ties former male model, Pedro Gaspar, who died of a drug overdose in 2012 to Epstein by way of the modeling agency MC2. According to the article, “an alleged victim of Epstein’s has claimed that the convicted pedophile got many of his girls from MC2 co-founder Jean-Luc Brunel, who allegedly would bring young girls as young as 12, to the United States for several purposes and farm them out to his friends, especially Epstein.” Brunel denied the claims to the Daily Beast, However, sources familiar with Epstein told the Daily Beast they were privy to Epstein investing $2 million into MC2 for start-up capital.

All of Epstein’s antics and schemes may be coming to an end. Sources tell that the federal government is very close to arresting him for another crime, a multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme that is larger than the Bernie Madoff case.

Says a source: “If they arrest Epstein, they most likely will put him on immediate suicide watch. He can’t bear to be in jail or do any time.”

For now, his chess pieces are stacked up against him. It is only a matter of time before the King of All Evil and Bad is put in checkmate!