Christ Card


By Towers Investors Group, Inc.


1. The Christ Card will operate in the similar manner and practice as to any Visa or Mastercard credit card available in the market place, in the near future.


2. The Christ Card provides the 106 million Christians with donations to their respective churches and/or ministries from the majority of their purchases made with the Christ Card, worldwide.


3. Mastercard and/or Visa will administrate all of the Christ Card transactions.


4. All Christ Card holders will receive special buying privileges from major retailers worldwide.


5. All Christ Card holders will receive special coupon discount purchasing grace in selecting products from major retailers under our electronic buying program.


6. Think about the tremendous online buying purchase ability!


7. The Christ Card holders benefit from the extraordinary clothing manufacturing that will be done for us in China, which provides extreme price discounting for the highest quality of clothing available in the United States retail markets.


8. The Christ Card holders have the benefit of gaining discounts in all of their purchases under the walk in grace serving our Lord Jesus Christ as customers and as our partners in faith, in our Christ Card family.


By: Steven Hoffenberg
President and CEO