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Church Marketplace

For years we have been serving the church community in America, Mexico and elsewhere. Recently, we have had conversations with church leaders nationwide and they have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about our ideas. Basic Concept — Church Partnerships with major retailers Weekend Tent Set Ups on Church grounds - Major Retailers will do all of the…
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Christ Card

CHRIST CARD OVERVIEW By Towers Investors Group, Inc.   1. The Christ Card will operate in the similar manner and practice as to any Visa or Mastercard credit card available in the market place, in the near future.   2. The Christ Card provides the 106 million Christians with donations to their respective churches and/or…
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50 Faith Based Cable Stations

 FAITH BASED FIFTY CABLE TV STATIONS, PROVIDED TO UP TO TEN MILLION HOMES IN THE USA By Towers Investors Group, Inc.             Fifty (50) Faith Based Cable Television Stations that will be operating from up to ten million (10,000,000) million cable box installations in the United States which will show faith…
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