Billions Looted by Ponzi Crimes King Jeffrey Epstein From Victims

By Steven Hoffenberg/CEO/Publisher:

Bernie Madoff is no longer the top Ponzi Crimes King in America who has stolen billions from victims in federal court.

Billions have been stolen from victims non-stop by the new Ponzi Crimes king. Jeffrey Epstein makes Madoff’s crimes look like pennies in comparison to the way he has hurt victims.

The massive billions that Epstein has stolen have caused his victims to go to the New York City Federal Court and demand that court-ordered trustees hand over the billions immediately.

These victims have asked the United States government for help.

Donald Trump says America is broken because its leadership no longer knows how to run this country.

Billions that Ponzi King Epstein has taken from his victims proves that the USA is broken. Trump is right.

Ponzi King Epstein resides in his New York City Upper East Side mansion that was paid for with the billions he stole from his victims.

The many victims are very upset that the Federal Government continues to fail to arrest Ponzi Crimes King Epstein, who has also been convicted of raping underage girls.

These sexually abused young women continue to cry out about the Federal Government’s cover-up and failure to arrest Jeffrey Epstein.

What has America become?

Trump’s statement that America has no leadership in Washington is on the money.

The USA is broken.