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50 Faith Based Cable Stations



By Towers Investors Group, Inc.

            Fifty (50) Faith Based Cable Television Stations that will be operating from up to ten million (10,000,000) million cable box installations in the United States which will show faith based programming(the “Stations”).


Our Stations will show the following faith based content, twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the United States of America:

1)  Today, with the exception of public access television, Christian Ministries purchase their time from the station owners paying anywhere from five hundred ($500) dollars to twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars an hour for air time.  We will be allowing our friends who are currently broadcasting to reach out on our stations free of charge.


2)  Steven Hoffenberg, the President of Towers Investors group, Inc.  has personal relationships with TBN, CBN, Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Frederick Price, Joyce Meyers, Jerry Savelle and many other nationally known TV ministers.  They are always looking to expand their viewership and we will give them greater access through our fifty Faith Based Cable Televsion Stations.


3)  We will soon be developing content in our studios, assisting yet to be discovered voices, doing our best to reach people who have not been reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Since the air time is free, we will no longer be limited to ministers who can pay.  We will be able to stream content that truly meets the needs of our viewership, in the Grace of God.


4) We will continually interact with our viewers, measuring their needs, through interactive websites and call in numbers.  We will take prayer requests as well as offer education as they make requests of us.  Practical application of the gospel will be a major part of what we broadcast.  Our programs will include the traditional ministers, pastors, evangelists and prophets. These Programs include faith filled doctors, lawyers, businessman, educators, diplomats, public servants and artists who have a desire to share their gifts and talents while honoring Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in Grace.

5) Various formats of programming will be created for people of all ages. These formats will include, but not be limited to, movies, children’s programs, sporting events, sports and entertainment news, newsworthy events of the day can be discussed in faith including on the ground immediate and fresh live disaster coverage, prison ministries, outreach reality shows, elections reporting, issues before Congress, financial reporting, consumer reporting, weather reporting, celebrity reporting, cooking shows, fishing shows, hunting shows, travel shows, missions trips, business training in buying corporations, business partnerships, and all of this programming shall be reported from a faith based point of view and discussed in Grace. Furthermore, we will own some of this content.


6) Our Cable Box Manufacturing will all performed in China with the Towers Investors China partnership that operates throughout China.


7) Towers Investors China Chairman Steven Hoffenberg will soon reside in China permanently.


8) Our up to ten million cable box customers pay no fee or cost for installing each cable box that provides our 50 tv stations with faith based programming 24/7, in Grace.


9) The monthly cost to our up to ten million potential cable box customers should be approximately fifteen ($15) dollars per month.


10) The above $15 each month cable box cost provides each customer with a contribution to their church and/or ministry from the fifteen ($15) dollars each month in the cable box fee paid to our faith based cable corporation.


11) Advertising revenues will be the major income generating component in our faith based 50 television cable stations and their full time broadcasting.


By: Steven Hoffenberg

President and CEO





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