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Today Mr. Hoffenberg has located the entire payments to the Towers Investors and we want him to be able to pay us NOW, not swept under the carpet as the N. Y. U. S. Attorney office has been doing with the Bureau of Prisons. Mr. Hoffenberg has even been beaten up in prison for trying to collect our assets by B.O.P. staff and put in isolation so that he would not be able to do pay us!

Why the cover up?

Why not let Mr. Hoffenberg pay us?

Isn’t that the purpose of Restituiton payments?

Why was Michael Milken allowed to collect his Restitution for BILLIONS more and then released after only 2 years instead of 10?

We know too much to let this cover up and abuse go on any longer.

Write your Congressman and Senators and go to your Media outlets and let them know you want to be paid and you want cooperation for Mr. Hoffenberg to collect our assets.

Enough is enough and we want to be paid now and Mr. Hoffenberg should be allowed the cooperation to do so once and for all.

We need to settle this case and all go home.


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